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From SVB Translations to Text'R

Ahoy to translating and copywriting

SVB Translations laid the foundations for Text’R, still with the same captain at the wheel, still surrounded by his faithful deckhands. Together they continue to set sail for new horizons, but from now on under a different flag. A flag that truly spells out our services offering: Text’R.

Little in size, huge impact

Text’R offers you that perfect mix: the perks of working with a small team of experts combined with the professionalism of a large one. Each of our translators are native, our revisers continuously train to stay on the ball and our copywriters jump from being a creative language magician to being a wizard of clear-cut messages.

Single Point of Contact

Nothing makes you stronger than… becoming even stronger you already are. Text’R relies on a pool of experienced and reliable freelancers. Some might be even more well-versed in a certain lingo, whereas others relentlessly come up with catchy slogans that truly resonate. That is our way to guarantee you top quality and the ease of a straightforward way of working. Everything goes via Text’R captain Stijn.

Competitive rates

Text’R keeps its overhead to the bare minimum – a great plus we are more than happy to share with our customers, with very interesting and transparent price offers. No small print. No catches.

Ready for more?

Customised texts is what we offer, at customised rates. Care to try?

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