Translating is so much more than simply swapping the language of each word into another language. It goes without saying our translators also consider content, ensuring the tone of voice of the translation matches the target audience.

Translation services

The Text’R team translates from and to Dutch, French, German and English. It doesn’t get more exotic than that. We opted to stick to those languages, since every translation has to pass our own, all-seeing eye. Even though we are true language aficionados, polyglots we are not.

Do we translate everything?

Almost anything, bar some. Brochures, press releases, magazine articles, CRM communication, presentation slides, reports, invitations… just keep them coming. For bulky technical manuals on the other hand you might be better off finding someone else. For any sworn translations, we use a trusted partner.

Am I your kind of client?

We mainly focus on the corporate market, SMEs and self-employed professionals in any industry, even though our portfolio is dominated by clients active in the transport industry, building industry and food industry. Have a look at our references.

Ready for more?

Customised texts is what we offer, at customised rates. Care to try?

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