[Text editing]

Writing a letter or brochure makes you gasp for a brew? No worries, correcting and editing text is our cup of tea. We will cross those t’s, get rid of any grammar gremlins and captivate your audience.


Any translation is submitted to the scrutiny of a second translator, simply because overlooking an error is only human. Hence why we are more than happy to take on text editing – we are all up for the challenge of battling through existing copy.

What won’t escape our eye?

All the classics: that, who and which in English,  dt mistakes in Dutch, wrongly used subjonctif in French, or grammatical case errors in German. We just as jolly get rid of punctuation errors, shorten mile long wordings or adjust sentence constructions. Yes, even old spelling and other grammar shenanigans will be scrapped.

Even in my texts?

Even half an A4 can benefit from editing: letters, emails, press releases or commercial features or entire magazines and brochures will be fully approved for press.

Ready for more?

Customised texts is what we offer, at customised rates. Care to try?

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